Team Off-Sites

When you get your tribe together, it needs to highly effective as well as memorable.
A well run team day will align hearts and minds to strategy and unlock the power of alignment and ways of working to drive results for the year ahead. 

Team days can include:

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Leader / team


Understanding the changes that leaders need to see in their team's performance is a critical first step towards change.

Leader interviews set the pace for what is needed from the team: does the team need more accountability? More support? To step up to delegation, opportunities or challenges? What dynamics affect the team?

Team interviews help to clarify individual perspectives on what needs to happen and tap into the DNA of the team.

A team assessment can be a effective way to take a snapshot of the team today before defining the way forward.  

Alignment to Strategy ('WHY')

Engaging teams to refine the strategy and get their insight is the best way to build buy-in.

The team define their collective and individual 'WHY' for their roles and map the challenges and potential roadblocks to the strategy. We help define the narrative and explore the mindset needed for success in the year ahead.

We typically explore purpose, engagement and a sense of contribution towards the strategy as well as the motivators and concerns that support/hinder the strategy. We explore how all these combine to create a cohesive team 'WHY'.

To execute well, all Individuals need to understand how their contribution affects the greater whole. We explore and map

 individual deliverables and 

dependencies on each other.

We help the leader and team get clarity on the resources and restraints that can affect deliverables & dependencies - and to set clear expectations!

We work to Increase clarity of expectations of work standards early to set the team up for success, and set performance benchmarks.

Individuals map their own deliverables & dependencies and share these with their key stakeholders..

Role & Goal 
Clarity ('WHAT')

Trust & ways of working ('HOW')

For teams to really fire, they need high trust and high accountability: to feel safe working together to face tough challenges.  

We explore the evidence and stories of high performing teams and engage them to come up with their own team charter and ways of working.

We experiment with games that explore Trust, Vulnerability, Courage, Authenticity, Transparency, Gratitude, and Curiosity.

We utilise a combination of video pre-work, games and simulations, group activities and individual reflection.