David Wilson-Dowse


I help leaders and teams to create real and lasting change. And to grow Trust and Alignment in their organisations while doing it by evolving mindsets and skillsets. I love to bring learning alive - to make it challenging as well as fun, personalised and lasting.

I've worked with thousands of leaders across industries including ATO, NSW Dept of Health, NSW Dept of Finance, Booz & Co, SMS Consulting, Arup, BHP, Mirvac, KONE, Suncorp, CBA, REST Industry Super Fund, Allergan, Pfizer, Bohringher, and many others.

I help leaders and staff grow Capability in:
- Leading Change
- Aligning teams, Head Heart and Guts to Strategy
- Storytelling for Leaders
- Agile Leadership, including coaching and feedback sprints
- Helping Professionals build Trusted Advisor status
- Helping professionals build Influence and Impact

I have an MA of Psych & Counselling, Post Grad. Dip Psych. & Counselling and BA Electrical Engineering.