Unlock your leadership DNA with a leader or team assessment

Every leader, team and individual has unique needs and opportunities for development.


The 'leadership DNA' of your organisation represents a blueprint for potential and performance.


We use a wide range of diagnostic tools to help you get clarity on Individual, Team or Leader strengths and areas for development. These include leadership strengths, leadership styles, communication styles, team dynamics and team alignment.

We are accredited in:

  • Climate Change for Teams

  • DISC

  • Herrmann Brain Dominance

  • Hogan Assessments

  • Human Synergistics LSI

  • Myers Briggs MBTI

  • The Leadership Circle Profile & Culture Assessments

  • DISC individual and Team

  • Team Management Systems TMP/TMS

  • IHHP Emotional Intelligence tests

  • Mental Health Assessments and others. 

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Leadership Assessments

We help you and your leaders get clarity on the areas of strength and areas for development for capabilities that drive business outcomes. Assessments can cover leadership styles, communication styles, as well as 360 feedback on leadership capabilities.

Team Assessments

Whether your team is new or facing new challenges, great results depend on the team alignment and ways of working together. Leaders benefit by getting a clear view of team dynamics and areas of strength and development for individuals and for the team as a whole. Teams benefit by experimenting with new ways of working, to drive more trust, accountability and collaboration.


Organisational benefits

Organisations benefit when teams align their full energy and resources to meet the challenges at hand rather than spending cycles on unproductive team dynamics. Resolving difficult team dynamics can free the team up to become more innovative, resilient, and future focused.