help your people

adapt to rapid change



to human potential and performance


comes from focus &

realistic commitments. 

We help build clarity on


and strengthen capability in

courageous conversations

to be able to rely on each

other when needed.

We believe tribes thrive on 

Connection, when there is 

Psychological Safety

It's what Trust, Belonging, Authenticity & Care

are made from.

Great engagement is a

natural result of a clear


and sense of personal

contribution & challenge.

Making a difference, one person

and one interaction at a time, 

makes all the difference.

 Our first goal is to understand - WHO and WHAT needs to change?

 What does progress look like? Sound like? Feel like? What is getting in the way?

Once we've agreed on that - we collaborate with you to build

 'Learning Laboratories' that are fun, highly interactive & challenging.

Webinars that are engaging & effective.

Pre & Post work that provokes reflection, learning and change,

and Real play scenarios that test and grow skills.

We believe that to grow mindsets & skillsets, learners need to experiment & play,  to test and learn,

and to harness their own and each others depth of experience as well as learn from leading models

We use research from psychology & the world's best business schools to bring best practice 

in human development approaches to you.

These are bought to life using simulations and scenarios tailored to your needs and unique challenges. 

What we offer




“David is a gifted facilitator who resonates with executive leaders and frontline managers alike.

We recently partnered with David alongside MBS to design and facilitate a bespoke leadership development program that would lift capability across our business. David’s expertise in both leadership and team development is extensive.

Throughout the process I was impressed with David’s ability to challenge our thinking and adapt models and approaches to suit our requirements. Above all, David was able to bring the training to life in what participants described as an “engaging and responsive way”, receiving an average feedback rating of >9.6/10.

David was an extremely effective L&D partner whom I highly recommend."





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